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The cellphone industry has been booming up lately by announcing some pretty great smartphones and all of the accessories that follows them to meet their consumer’s requirement. You may think that the biggest brands like Samsung, IPhone & Google will continue to dominate the smartphone industry in every era. But things have started to change, a ton of new companies have started to launch some pretty decent budget friendly smartphones. That may come up to par with these massive tech giants. Giving, the consumer, a better option of price to avail the perfect cellphone they might desire at a cheaper rate.


With the recent flow of increase in the cellphone industry, finding the right cellphone have become kind of like a battle. It has almost become a hassle for all of those that aren’t able to make up their mind about purchasing a single smartphone for themselves. This is why when presented with a plethora of products at the same time; sometimes a consumer can get into a dilemma of which smartphone to choose.


Well, for all the individuals around the globe that seem to have a difficulty in figuring out the right smartphone for themselves to avail among the massive product line. Fret Not! You have just stumbled upon the perfect place that’ll help you in deciding which smartphone to opt for this year. In this specific article we are going to be talking about some of the best smartphone brands a person can avail. Brands that are just not only popular among the crowd currently, but brands that seem to excel in every aspect a consumer might desire. So, without further ado let us just go ahead and start to discuss about some of the best smartphones in the market that excel in every desire able aspect from the consumers perspective.




When looking for the best smartphone your money can buy, just head down to the Samsung Store and purchase the Samsung galaxy s10 plus. It is by far one of the best smartphones in the S series Samsung has launched this year and it can easily trump all of its prior predecessors in a snap. By adding an infinity O-Design with an Amoled panel. The color in the handset seem a bit brighter, sharper and are just staggeringly good to the eye of any user. It also consists of a dual selfie camera, that helps you take photos with a unique bokeh style blur as well as a triple mounted rare camera. Just to add a bit more splash of life in your everyday pictures. They have also adapted for the One-UI in the s10 plus, due to this moving in-between apps have never been easier. Now, all you just have to do is look at the bottom of your smartphone and you can easily switch between apps in a blink of an eye thanks to the ultra-fast processor. Although the s10 plus might be a bit expensive but if you were to utilize the Samsung Voucher Codes you can easily get this smartphone at a pretty amazing rate. You can even opt for the monthly payment options too and trust us when it comes to money this one will sure be worth it.




Huawei has recently took the world by a storm, by introducing some top of the smartphone devices at cheap rates and flagship specs. Coming in at the expense of Huawei MATE 20 pro, the P30 experience is just to gasp on. Lightning fast processor and a built in 8 GB ram to cope up with quad rear camera. If you love to take pictures and always want your handset to respond smoothly and quickly the P30 Pro is just the right choice for you.


Huawei isn’t necessarily known for its great software, but when it comes to being the best smartphone that excels in every aspect P30 will surely take the spot among the top 3 smartphones of the year.




In 2018 it was considered as one of the best flagship smartphone and in 2019 it still hasn’t lost its touch. When it comes to the MATE 20 pro you can still expect fast charging, a better speed and one hell of a camera to capture some of the finest photos of your surroundings.


Coming in at 470$ on Amazon, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro can be considered as a budget flagship in the year 2019. Because not only does it offer you the same qualities of a flagship, it offers them under a pretty decent price range too, the only difference between the Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro is the camera. So, if you’re looking to get a stunning flagship set under a budget then this might be the perfect one for you to avail.




Samsung never ceases to amaze its consumers, just when they think the perfect smartphone is available in the market. They go ahead and introduce something new with some innovative features that’ll truly catch their eye. Note 9 was/is among one of these smartphones, if it wasn’t for the S10 plus the note 9 appeal would still be enough to put it among the top 3 flagships of 2019.


With the S-Pen Stylus getting an update that helps the user control music and the camera shutter, its appeal is still pretty big among the crowd. The only reason one might avoid to purchase it in 2019 is because of it being a tad bit pricey. You can easily use the Samsung Discount Codes online to get a decent discount on the smartphone. But in the end you can also add a few more bucks and get the S 10 Plus at the same time. That’s why it might not get the attention it deserves in 2019, but for all those that love to work with the Samsung stylus. This is still the perfect smartphone for them to avail.




Google was already a well-known company all around the globe. It is by far the only company that provides massive services world-wide, owns android and has the biggest search engine with billions of people visiting on a daily basis. Now, what happens when they release a smartphone? You get the Pixel 3 XL. Although it isn’t quite a far leap from the Pixel XL 2 but in terms of camera. This smartphone has trumped even the IPhone XS Max.


By providing the consumers with stunning low light photography and introducing an AI function in the camera lens itself. Google has completely outdone themselves with the Pixel 3XL, even though the RAM and the Storage system is still moderate when compared to the top smartphones of 2019. But when it comes to quality and an affordable price range. The Pixel 3XL is a smartphone you’ll love to have for your everyday use.




With all the talk about flagship smartphones that are above the 800$ range, now is finally the right time to discuss about an underdog in the world of smartphones. One Plus 6T a budget friendly smartphone that has truly made the people go awe in aspiration for itself. Costing about 350$ on amazon the one plus 6T is the perfect budget friendly smartphone for all to avail. In this price it offers you with an 845 snap dragon, a stunning camera and an even more amazing 3200 MAH battery to last the entire day.


It comes in a 6GB and an 8GB RAM, that helps the user switch between apps more smoothly and when it comes to cell phone gaming under a budget this smartphone will excel in almost every aspect. Best of all the One Plus 6T is among the list of those smartphones. That truly help the consumers get exactly what they want in the cheapest range. The only con we can think about the smartphone is that it doesn’t offer a headphones jack unlike its predecessors.




When we talk about budget friendly smartphones one company’s name will always seem to pop up in the conversation. The company is none other than the Xiaomi or better known around the world as MI, the Xiaomi brand has started to launch of popular budget friendly smartphones since late 2016 and each year, the smartphone seems to dominate the cellphone industry.


The Xiaomi Mi 9 is also one from the long line of budget friendly smartphones that they chose to release in 2019. The phone packs quite a heat for all of its users, with a 3200 MAH battery paired with an amazing 855 Snap Dragon processor, you can easily bet that your money will be well spent when you avail this smartphone. In terms of money and specs this smartphone will always take crown on any occasion, although it might not be up to par with the Google & Samsung devices. But overall the smartphones performance and sleek design is surely something that’s enough to catch the eye of anyone.




There was a time when Nokia was considered as the king of smartphones, but the king got dethroned after it failed to keep up with the latest technology. After a while it came back into an entirely new era of smartphone by introducing windows smartphones while partnering up with Microsoft. But that was also a short lived fame as their sales soon began to decline with an even advanced version of the android that just kept rolling out.


Well now that Nokia has made a comeback by launching their whole new range of stock android smartphones. They have seem to pick up the pace from where they left off, by once again introducing a smartphone with the best camera features and functions. The Nokia 9 Pure view consists of not one by 5 rear mounted cameras that seem to focus on capturing raw images. The Nokia 9 gives its consumers the opportunity to completely change the picture accordingly to how they desire. Making this phone perfect for all those who love to travel and are a fan of photography. 




The Samsung Galaxy S series have always been the cash cow of the product. Getting them a huge ton of money as the consumers prefer to purchase these series smartphone quite frequently. This is why with the Samsung Galaxy S 10 and S10 Plus. They announced a hefty little smartphone device for those that love to shop smartly, the new Samsung Galaxy S10E, costing about 750$ it is by far the most reasonable flagship smartphone to carry the S series logo in itself. Housing a battery that’s about 3100 MAH and having a dual mounted back camera with a 16MP front camera.


The S10E has truly piqued the interest of all the consumers that love to purchase the Samsung smartphone devices but have a minimum budget to avail them, plus Samsung also tends to introduce various promos during their newly launched Smartphone device events. So, if you’re lucky you might even get to use those Samsung Promo Codes to get this device at an even cheaper range. 




Saving the best for last in the list of budget smartphones, as we have mentioned about Google has flourished in the cellphone industry. They have also announced a smartphone that’s in range of almost everyone and resembles its big brother the Pixel 3 XL in so many ways. The Pixel 3A is the slower yet not an obsolete version of the Pixel 3XL having almost the same features as its brothers. The tiny difference it has is that the snapdragon in the 3XL is 845 while in the 3A the Snap Dragon is a mere 645.


So, if you’re looking to buy the best budget smartphone of the year 2019 then this is hands down the best choice you can opt for.