From looking after the kids, to going about her work, from caring for her husband to frolicking around the park for a jog just to stay in shape. A mother is always doing something productive all through-out her day, if the father is considered as the pillar of support for the family. Then a mother can be considered as the backbone that keeps everyone together. But this is just the hectic life of your mom, what about the mothers of Hollywood. To be very honest in the world of stars they are the real shining stars.


Taking care, and maintaining a healthy family while doing their work entertaining hundreds and thousands of people by taking on breath taking roles in movies. So, we thought this mother’s day why don’t we give a shout out to these luminary actresses/mothers of Hollywood. So, without further ado here’s our top mother candidates.




We all know Jenifer Lopez as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, mother to two beautiful children Maximillian David Muniz, and Emme Maribel Muniz. The world of dance host always try to keep up with their shenanigans. As both the kids are 11 year old, she tries her very best to maintain her busy life schedule according to her kid’s needs. Always keeping them as her first priority instead of work, even though she’s one talented woman her main goal is to become the proudest mama of all time. If you like to keep up with her little ones you can follow her on Instagram as she posts more pictures of them as she does of herself. You can also take a look at her dresses on the Instagram profile, and if you like something you can use the mother’s day discount code to get it. 




Her voice is perfect, her soul is kind, and her husband is none other than one of the most famous rappers. Yes! We are talking about Beyoncé a superstar mom blessed with two kids Blue Ivy Carter (7) and Rumi Carter (1). Beyoncé tends to keep her little one close at all times, and Blue Ivy just as her mother is always ready to take the stage by a storm even at her young age, she has made a lot of appearances on her mom and dad’s music videos, and have also performed some guest verses as well. Even at this young age Blue Ivy is set to have her own clothing range for kids, from which you can take full advantage off due to the Mother’s Day Deals. In the eyes of the world Blue Ivy is the perfect star in the making, and well obviously mommies little perfect princess too.




We all know this name its none other than the lady of white house, Michelle Obama is amongst the list of most iconic women to walk this earth. Always keeping her head high with dignity, and grace. Always keeping the daughters by her side, and calling them her pride. Michelle Obama has faced a lot of hardships as the president’s wife. Heck! She might have faced troubles we have no idea about. But at the end of the day, a reason she’s on this list is because of her stature in being the best mother to her kids. 




A women, A heroine that took the theaters by a storm. The last person on our list of luminary mothers of Hollywood is none other than the wonder woman herself. Gal Gadot mother of two beautiful daughters Alma, and Maya recently took to Instagram in talking how hard it is for a mother to actually keep up with the little whipper snappers. She mostly talks about motivational things for mothers going through a tough time about how they aren’t the only one, and how hard it is to manage the younglings on a day to day basis. As wonder woman she played her part by hiding the fact that she was pregnant as to not get any special treatment from her fellow cast, and it was due to this reason. She not only won the heart of all mothers around the globe but also her fans in the theaters as well.